Dr. Ing. Jörg Garbers

Short Profile:
  • 1987 Wired my parent's piano to the joystick port of my Schneider/Amstrad 464 home computer
  • 1990 Studied physics to learn about quantum mechanics
  • 1993 Studied computer science to learn about artificial intelligence
  • 1996-1998 Build systems for German syntax parsing and automatic translation
  • 1999-today Built music theoretically and mathematically founded music applications
  • 2010-today Freelance software developer


  • Computational models of language and music.
  • Implementing music and speech applications
  • Programming languages
  • Implementation issues
  • 2004 PhD Computer Science (Dr. Ing.), TU Berlin
  • 1997 MS Computer Science (Dipl. Informatiker), FU Berlin
  • 1992 BS Physics (Vordiplom Physik), FU Berlin
  • 1989 Abitur
  • Swift, iOS, macOS, C++, Java, Objective-C, Prolog, Lisp, SQL, PHP, JavaScript 
  • FScript, AppleScript, Bash, Sed, AWK, Perl, SWIG
  • XCode (Mac), Eclipse (Java), Makefile (Unix)
  • Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad development
  • Languages:  German (native), English (scientific), Dutch (reading and speaking)

Scientific Projects: